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Fire Horse Productions. We specialize in gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and plainly queer comics and cartoons by international artists. We deal both in used and new. A special effort is present to focus on less known artists who are not otherwise available. There are comics for every taste: humour, erotism (X and XXX), SF, horror, etc

Jane's World
Paige Braddock's wise and witty lesbian strip, as seen in the Washington Blade, now on the web.

Also known as the Open Prairie Syndicate, this is the home of alternative comics online offers several queer-themed strips: Roberta Gregory's Bitchy Bitch, Alison Bechdel's Dykes To Watch Out for, Robert Kirby's Curbside, Jennifer Camper's SubGURLZ, and John D. Anderson's Honestly Ethel all reside at this site.

Adam & Andy
Men in love, a fictional woodsy story set in New England, from James Asal.

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
The artist, Eric Orner was born and raised in Chicago, now lives in West Hollywood, California. The comic debuted in 1989 and now appears in over 70 weekly gay and alternative weekly newspapers across the country and in Canada, Great Britain, and on the web. Orner,  gives his take on the quirks of gay urban life in this long running strip.

Kyle's Bed & Breakfast
A fictional gay comic bed and breakfast resort, set out in the boonies.

Wingin' It: An Angel's Story
Two strips by Greg Fox: Kyle's chronicles the goings-on at a gay bed and breakfast, while Wingin' It features a gay angel and his adventures on earth.

An illustrated (OK, it's a comic strip) guide to living with HIV and AIDS. When the artist Chris Companik, was first got the diagnosis, he remembers complaining to a fellow friend  (also HIV+) "Why don't they hand you something when you get news like this?" A subsequent therapy session, general b.s..-ing with friends, and soon, "HIV + Me" was evolved

881 Midtown Court
881 is a gay Melrose Place. The continuing adventures of Craig and Kevin and all their friends and foes making their way through Atlanta's most famous fictional condo.

Dykes on Dykes
The idea was: There were some web sites about cartoons, but there was no cartoon ON the web. We wanted to connect these two media, to adapt them to each other, in order to get something new - a cartoon that lives from the participation of its audience. The audience can interactively choose about the continuation of the story line and send comments and ideas.

Pussy Rules!
Katrin Kremmler's interactive lesbian cartoon on the web, and its continuation. Kremmler's powerful drawings presented the plight of abused women and how the batterer and criminal justice system can prevent battered women from obtaining justice

Gaytoons Syndicate
Gay/lesbian syndicate cartoons, comics, etc.
The irreverent gay animation station
sites for print gay comics.

Howard Cruse Central
Howard Cruse's comic strips and humorous illustrations have appeared in Playboy, The Village Voice, Art forum International, Harpoon, Heavy Metal, The Advocate, Starlog, and numerous other national magazines. Cruse's strips have been frequently anthologized, with translated versions seeing reprint in England, France, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.

A Fine Line Press - Desert Peach
Site of Donna Barr's The Desert Peach, a drawn book recognized for its humour, historical accuracy, and gay friendliness. An honourable officer during a war -- not an easy thing to be when your country is Nazi Germany, and you're a very carefully closeted homosexual.

She has many faces. She goes by many names. She can be anyone. Anywhere. Who is nobody? An occult investigator of incredible skill. A dangerous opponent. A skilled manipulator of the weak. She knows things few others will ever know. Nobody knows. She calls herself Jessica, but that's not her name. She loves her work, and does whatever it takes to get the job done. Nobody can do the impossible. Trust Nobody. Co-created and co-written by lesbian and comic book maven Sharon Cho.


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